Mr. Justin Knapp, CEO and founder of SpaceTogether (United States) on

“How Start-ups can benefit by associating with SynGrow as a technology partner”

Yes, at SpaceTogether, we help people monetize their commercial space like kitchen, Gyms, dance studios, churches and wherever there are user’s space to connect the functionality and area of their building to the community around them.

Yaa So, I had hired someone a dev team of my own who is kind of just getting all of it seeing the necessary parts of our needs , So I did that and similarly we ran a 6 month project with 4 project managers in the need of it and just was not able to deliver it , they were kind of stuck, There was really no accountability outside of the platform we used to hire these guys. So we’ve been firing them and we didn’t have the staff to hire the new team, we didn’t really have the ability to restaff very quickly. And So, one of my advisors introduced me to you, and since you guys have been helping us out.

Yaa, absolutely, I think you really came highly recommended from somebody that I really trust and admired mentor of mine. There’s was really no doubt about the fact that he trusted you guys then I could as well. Then what I liked about you immediate was amazing work ethic your agile to take your clients so I think early on you guys were still trying to get to understand our tech stack , there was just some confusion and I was not really happy with where things were and then you said we’re gonna cut this one by 70% this month because you don’t feel like you got something you really valued. And that was, that means a lot to me . I was like hey these guys are trying to help me , they are really trying to do their best to get us where we need to go , So I think that’s that puts volumes as well.

Yaa, I would just say that these guys have just come in and made it where I had constant work on my product I knew somebody was overseeing so if things were’nt getting downtime , things weren’t at the end , then there was somebody I could go to and say hey, what’s going on here, we had a substantial matter of technical debt and you guys were able to sure some of that ups, so I definitely appreciate it.

I think anybody, that is just getting started in an application and someone that is really working on something ground up and need people to just come in and just hear your vision undertand that what it is that you’re trying to built and just go to work and I think SynGrow does a great job at that.

Yaa Absolutely, I think , the process that kindda really starts from the beginning , you know when we are going through the discovery phase with you guys , you make sure that you’re hiring the right people that know what your stack is really built on . And so therefore it usually does speak things up when you have someone coming up who already have about 5-7 years of experience in the framework that you’re working on , so I think that’s really more than just a process and hiring is where you address that need in problems , so you guys do a great job.

Yaa, I would say that I definitely understand that where the process is but if you’re a company that is just getting started, Are you trying to built your first application putting into the water, SynGrow is definitely gonna help you do that , they’re gonna make sure that you can get something out to the customer that your trying to built, sooner than later . They do fantastic job of that. So I’ddefinitely recommend anybody that is in that discovery process and in beginning phase to give SynGrow a shot.