Product Engineering Services

A perfect blend of Technology, Consulting, and Domain Expertise

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Product Engineering Services

Product Engineering Services

To achieve the organization’s goals and objectives, Our Product Engineering mindset plays a major role. Where-

  • We build a product vision together in consideration of speed, cost, and scale
  • We work towards productizing your ideas
  • Our innovation ecosystem and entrepreneurial mindset help in building future-proof solutions
  • A long-term technology partnership for the product journey.
  • Committed to delivering Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in 4-8 weeks.
  • Minimizing the product’s time to market, while increasing its time to value.

SynGrow’s approach to Product Engineering

  • Product vision and goals should be considered through all the phases of product development
  • Develop the best strategy and roadmap for the product
  • Mapping of right technology/tools as per the product needs
  • Build the correct, accurate, and complete architecture based on design principles which is custom fit for product requirements.
  • Complete accountability, ownership and seamless execution
  • Smaller product releases and feedback consideration for the next iteration
  • 100% Transparency, visibility with effective technology project management
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New Product Development Services

New Product Development Services

Transform your innovative ideas into reality with SynGrow’s expertise into technology and domain


Competition demands innovation. This is where new product development comes in. While turning your ideas into something tangible these three factors can be the real game changers—effective execution, defined timelines, and optimized cost all with utmost transparency.

Product Development

In product development, there are multiple stages that coexist to make the end product effective & customer-oriented—ideation, screening, architecture, prototype, design, validation, and deployment. 

SynGrow’s approach to Product Development

At SynGrow, we define practical strategies, roadmaps, and scalable architectures with clear breakthroughs. We make constant iterations through collaboration & efficient communication with our clients. Our team makes sure that the MVPs are delivered in a matter of 4-8 weeks.

We support the agile frameworks where we could develop a product prototype and provide a proof of concept assessing the product’s sustainability and adaptability. 

SynGrow is every business’ perfect technology partner to make market-ready, cost-optimized products within the stipulated timeline.

Partner with us to manifest your ideas into reality!
Product Modernization Services

Product Modernization Services

Empowering the products with evolving technologies

SynGrow’s approach to Product Modernization

Businesses are constantly working towards improving their products to provide the best customer experience. Today, it is a necessity to revamp and build upon the existing infrastructures with modern tools & techniques. 

While building upon legacy products, there are multiple factors that you need to account for. 

  • Rich user experience
  • Advanced user interface
  • Scalable architecture
  • Selection of the right technology stack 
  • Security, Compliance, auditing, logging, and process automation.

We also ensure that the product is scalable during its optimization by working on, the basic non-functional requirements like

  • Compatibility
  • Performance
  • Stability
  • Robustness
  • Operational cost
  • Security

Customized Product

SynGrow’s domain exposure and cutting-edge technology skills in cloud-agnostic implementations make us the perfect partner to understand and build a customized product according to your business requirements.

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Application Maintenance and Support

Application Maintenance and Support

Because sustaining the system is essential

Software Development and Optimization

For a product to function effectively, enhancing and maintaining are crucial next steps after development & optimization. At SynGrow, we strive to make your product thrive!

Support and Maintenance

We have a proven track record of effective support and maintenance with our partners. We quickly adapt to the new product understanding to provide seamless software growth through our dedicated support system.

Software Enhancement

Our services are customized, where we ensure to efficiently implement intellect procedures to update the product with prompt enhancements. Timely notifications are provided to the clients while monitoring the products closely during the intervals.

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